If you have played a few online slot games and casino emulations over the past few years, you may have come across Wazdan. The games developer has been steadily growing their catalogue of titles over the past decade, leading to a stack of colourful slots and games that have even won awards. If you are looking for Wazdan slot reviews, this guide aims to break down everything you need to know about the developer.

Who is Wazdan?

Wazdan is a modern online games developer based in Malta – regarded as the capital of slots and online gaming. They have helped to produce well over 100 different slot games since their inception. This relatively small studio has grown extensively from their initial branding as Server Based Solutions.

Wazdan aims to make slot gaming that little bit more interesting by giving players more power. For example, they offer players the chance to change up volatility levels as they go.

Wazdan’s games are now available in HTML5 format, meaning they have rebooted much of their content for the modern era beyond Flash.

How long has Wazdan been developing games for?

Wazdan actually started life as a completely different company, Server Based Solutions, in 2010. Following this, they obtained a gaming licence from the Malta Gaming Authority the same year and launched their first server-based casino two years later.

The company wouldn’t become known as Wazdan until 2015 and they then obtained a UK Gambling Commission licence in 2017. Therefore, British gamers have been able to enjoy their titles for many years now.

Why choose Wazdan slots?

Wazdan slots are unique as they tend to make games flexible around their players’ requirements. That means you can expect twists such as ‘Ultra Fast Mode’, which allows you to spin the reels quicker than you normally might.

Wazdan’s innovative ‘Ultra Lite’ mode, too, is a pioneering innovation. This ‘lighter’ twist on their popular games requires less memory and less intensive data use than they traditionally might. Great for slower devices.

Of course, the heart of Wazdan lies in their fantastic games catalogue. The developer boasts a spectacular array of different games and brands, many of them you have likely seen before in one form or another. Below, we will take a look at the biggest titles in detail.

What are some of the biggest Wazdan slot games?

Players are sure to be aware of thestudio’s titles, which include the likes of the Burning Stars series. Burning Stars 3, for example,offers nine reels of 3×3 action, along with the potential to get up to the heat of the action and claim a max jackpot of 2,187x stake. There is even a jackpot hold option here, too.

We also love Unicorn Reels, a magical title that boasts a 5×5 grid and a host of Wazdan’s slot game tweaks. Can you hunt down enough unicorns to unlock the bonus game?

Other big slots available from Wazdan include:

  • Clover Lady
  • Choco Reels
  • Reel Hero
  • Magic Stars
  • Fruit Fiesta
  • Valhalla

Why not take a closer look at these games and the sites that host them?